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Energy efficiency is “the first fuel” for energy security and alleviating energy poverty while reducing GHGs. This session will recommend policy actions for energy efficiency in lighting, appliances and equipment, which consume over half of electricity globally. Actions discussed will include applying U4E's Model Regulations through voluntary financial mechanisms, mandatory MEPS and labels, regional policy harmonisation, and market transformation approaches.


10:15- 10:20
Welcome remarks
Mr. Tareq Emtairah, Director Energy Department, United Nations Industrial Development
Organisation UNIDO

Opportunities for Advancing Energy-Efficient and Climate Friendly Appliances and Equipment,
Patrick Blake, United Nations Environment Programme’s United for Efficiency

Regional Harmonization and Compliance Framework for Energy-Efficient and Climate Friendly
Appliances and Equipment, Evita Moawad and Denis Ariho, UNIDO/EELA Project

Q&A from the floor

denis presentation 

denis presentation 2