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U4E Co-led Sessions at the 2022 SEforALL Forum


United for Efficiency (U4E) was pleased to co-lead three events at, and alongside, the 2022 Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Kigali on 17-19 May 2022:

Energy Efficiency Policy Actions and Market Development
Capacity Building Hub
19 May 2022

Energy efficiency is ‘the first fuel’ for energy security and alleviating energy poverty while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This session recommended policy actions for energy efficiency in lighting, appliances and equipment, which consume over half of electricity globally. Actions discussed include applying U4E’s Model Regulation Guidelines through voluntary financial mechanisms, mandatory MEPS and labels, regional policy harmonization, and market transformation approaches. It is being led jointly with UNEP and UNIDO.

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Designing Sustainable Cold-Chains for Food and Health
Capacity Building Hub
18 May 2022

Sustainable cold-chains require a systems approach built on understanding scale (current and future), cooling needs and equitable business models. This session waleked through how to model, define and cost the actions needed to facilitate the deployment of cold-chain in equitable, sustainable and resilient ways, using examples and analysis from Bangladesh, Kenya and Nigeria. The lead organizers included ACES (of which U4E is a co-founder) and The World Bank.

Pathways to Accelerate Sustainable Cooling and Cold-Chain
ACES Open House

Side Event, University of Rwanda, Rubirizi Campus, Kigali
19 May 2022

The Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-Chain (ACES) is a first-of-kind centre dedicated to sustainable cooling, cold-chain and post-harvest management. Its mission is to accelerate the uptake of sustainable cooling and cold-chain solutions in the agriculture and health sectors in Africa, improving livelihoods, health, food and nutritional security of rural communities, thereby bringing environmental, social and economic development.

The ACES Open House included a series of tailored workshops at the headquarters campus for visitors to see the site plans and discuss how they can help shape and engage with ACES.

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