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Leveraging the enormous global potential of EELA from responding to the SDGs by contributing to faster, cleaner economic and human development, and empowering those who are marginalized, requires the involvement of more donors, decision-makers, policymakers, funders, and energy and other sector leaders. Possible future focus areas identified to date include the following:

  • Exploring the creation of an ecosystem for the market development of off-grid productive use of energy products such as solar water pumping, motor-driven agro-processing, cold storage, refrigeration, and egg incubators, all central to the agri-food system transformation, with quality assurance as a critical element.
  • Scaling up the regional EELA Technical Assistance and Co-financing Facility and launching special country windows to facilitate the move from a grant-based facility to a loan guarantee fund; supporting innovative solutions to create employment opportunities for youth and females in several sectors.

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Ms Karin Reiis-Haimbala

Programme Coordinator, UNIDO

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